Let The Sunlight Enter Your Home

Keep your home warm and bright and enhance the health of your family members. Did you know that sunlight has vitamin D that is essential for the growth and development of our body? Exposure to natural light is vital for the wellbeing of the family. There may be some places in your home that is hard to be ventilated. Do not give up yet, there are some tips to bring natural sunlight into the remotest of rooms in your home. With simple mirrors and reflecting material you can make you room look bigger and ventilated. The Westral website provides tips on how to improve the ventilation in your room. Huffingtonpost.com offers information on the importance of ventilation into your property.

Trim down vegetation around your house
If there is thick vegetation around your house blocking the natural light then trim it down to bring sunlight. Trees and vegetation around the house can give you privacy but can block the sunlight. Do not plant trees in the southern direction of your home. During summer the sun’s ray will be too high to provide shade and in winter it blocks the natural warmth. Keep the windows clean as it can block the daylight.

Forget about shades and curtains
Use of windows and other window shades can hamper the natural light from entering the rooms. Dark colored heavy curtains can cut down the natural light in your house. Light colored and light fabric can bring about natural night and can improve privacy as well.

Use of skylight
High raised windows for your dressing room, bathroom and nursing room would be ideal to provide privacy and ventilation. Frosted glass is also a good option for daylight and privacy. New windows are not possible in an already constructed house, but skylight can be included to add privacy and ventilation. A dark room can turn vibrant with skylights. There are number of options available, add it to your rooftop and make your home bright and vibrant.

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