How To Keep Your Pet Dogs Cool This Summer?

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As the summer season arrives this year, every pet dog owner needs to remember to take extra care of their canine babies. Just like you, your pet dogs are also quickly affected by the rising heat of the summer months every year. If you are wondering “do fans cool dogs?” the answer is yes. You can check which fan will work well from the Full List Here. Although many pet owners make the mistake of keeping their dogs indoors during the summer season, this is not a good idea. Pet dogs also need to get out and wander about, sniff the air, chase a few squirrels to remain healthy. Vets suggest taking your dogs out during the early hours of the day or during the later hours of the evening to avoid the scorching heat during summer.

If you live in a part of the world that is extremely susceptible to long hot months of summer, you need to be constantly vigilant to your pets’ needs. Regardless of whether or not your pet dog has a thick coat, they still tend to get heated rather quickly. Dogs do not have sweat glands human beings, which mean that they cannot cool down their body by sweating. Here are few tips from veteran dg owners on how to keep your canines pets beat the heat this summer:

· Keep your dog hydrated:
The most important rule of the summer season for humans and dogs alike is to stay hydrated. You can place water dishes around the home and make sure that they are always filled to the top. Some pet owners also add a few ice cubes to the water dish to keep the water cool throughout the day.

· Invest in a kiddie pool this summer
A kiddie pool is an excellent way to let your dogs have access to a shallow, wading pool. This way they can go for a dip and relax it eh water when they feel too hot. You can also try to sneak in a bath if your pet dog is not a huge fan of taking a bath.

· Use alcohol to help dogs cool down
Since pet dogs sweat only from those areas that are not covered fur, this considerably reduces their chances to cool down via sweating. You can swipe the paws of your pet dog with a bit of rubbing alcohol. This helps the heat to evaporate a bit faster and let your pet dog cool down at the same time.

· Try homemade frozen treats
Froze treats are a great way to help you canine friends beat the heat this summer. You can opt to get frozen treats for dogs from the local grocery store or make some on your own. An easy homemade frozen treat is a chilled cucumber. It also contains enough water content to help your pet cool down faster. You can also look up some smoothie recipes online and treat your pet dg to a tasty smoothie this summer. At the end of the day, it is up to you as a dog owner to take good care of your canine friends this summer.

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